The expressive voice of Andrew L. Barnes brings diverse characters to life. As a narrator, voiceover artist, actor, and singer, the multi-talented Barnes uses his exceptional bass-baritone voice and acting skills to add depth and meaning to vocal performances.

“Excellence is to do a
common thing in an
uncommon way.”

― Booker T. Washington


“Drew is a professional. He delivered voice narration for a large scale client learning program on time & on a serious deadline. I enjoy working with him specifically due to his ability to focus on detail and quality. While we create the mechanicals, infrastructure and design of the course, Drew provides the finishing touch. His voice, cadence, pausing and strength is like all the great finishing touches on a project. If we create the structure Drew is the Crown Molding, Plasterwork, intricate detail in flooring or tile work – the “bling” if you will. I appreciate his ability to deliver on a SUPER tight timeline and even a few same-day needs due to our changes. We will always trust Drew to be our voice audio professional here at Denali and he is the first recommendation I make when asked. I think if you are in the market for voice over talent you should try Drew, we had an exceptional experience and I think you will too!”

Hugh Rumbaugh, Denali WNS
January 13, 2020

“We have had a great experience with Drew. He’s delivered terrific voice work on a very tight deadline. We’ll absolutely be working with him again in the future.”

Jason Gordon, Jackrabbitt XL
December 2, 2019

“I interviewed at least 10 different people to do the audio for my book. Andrew was the best. You could feel his voice and he paid attention to the details. If I did another audio book Andrew would be my guy!”

Darryl W. Lyons, Co-Founder/Author
June 6. 2019

“Andrew has a great understanding of how to covey the heart of the author. Philip Renner”

Phillip Renner, Publisher – Destiny Image
May 30, 2019