The Book Break!

What is this series all about?

Gavin Stoutheart’s father the baron is missing, along with Gavin’s brother the heir. He must step up to lead his people as they flee before an invading army.

His only hope is that a combination of prohibited animal magic and his knack for strategy will keep them safe as they make their way through a fractured kingdom with an army on their tail.

Melissa interviews John M. Olsen, an editor for the publisher Immortal Works, and a fantasy author, in this week’s episode of The Book Break.

John has written countless short stories, and a three-book fantasy series, “Riland Throne.” The three books are “Crystal King,” “Crystal Queen,” and “Crystal Empire.” John is also a member of The League of Utah Writers and regularly teaches at conferences.

*This interview was pre-recorded before the COVID-19 outbreak.

John M. Olsen | The Book Break | Season 3 Episode 22



The Loudest Whimper!

What would you do in the event of a catastrophe? Where would you go? How would behave? These are only a few questions you might consider pending a nuclear attack. Although the questions are hypothetical, it is worthy of serious consideration. Especially in the midst of a worldwide pandemic that was virtually unknown to most only six months ago. Did you think for one minute that toilet paper would be the most sought after commodity on the market in the first three months of this year? Absolutely not!

So… What would you do?

If you’re not exactly sure… then your probably like Paul in the movie “The Loudest Whimper” written and directed by Anthony Battaglia and narrated by Andrew L Barnes, the voice of Paul.

Who’s Paul? He is cynical as it relates to the question of survival. He’s the kind of guy who won’t try very hard to hang on to a ‘normal and civilized’ lifestyle. As far as he is concerned, if the world blows up tomorrow or annihilated by meteor showers… that’s perfectly fine.

“A nuclear war cannot be won and must never be fought.”

~ Ronald Reagan

I am stunned by the number of articles written about the best way to prepare for surviving nuclear fallout. It seems unlikely, but the possibility of nuclear fallout is without a doubt possible. Although none of us want to think about a future tragedy, however, it is very real when you consider terrorism, sudden economic instability, espionage, and a number of other undesirable circumstances.

The Loudest Whimper challenges us to contemplate if only for a few moments, our mindset when faced with pending destruction. Anthony Ballagia does an exceptional job of bringing out a variety of alternatives in a humorous and entertaining way you won’t soon forget.

The Loudest Whimper

The Staff of Mercury

Dr. Homayoun Sadeghi produced a documentary entitled “The Staff of Mercury” which was released on YouTube on Friday, May 8, 2020. This documentary is a four part series that addresses some difficult questions related to the root cause of pain, sickness and suffering which aren’t easily answered.

The Staff of Mercury

“What is the root cause of disease?”

This documentary ask the tough questions about the root causes of disease, and illness. You are drawn into this subject through a series of interview with leading authors, biologists, medical professionals and scientists from around the world.

Dr. Sadeghi says, “In the beginning, I set out to do a documentary about health. Specifically, I wanted to show that health is a lot more than checking temperatures and measuring blood pressures. So as a doctor, I set out to support this proposition with research, study, and interviews with people both in and outside the field of medicine. “

He continues, “…As you know, none of the interviews were scripted. I gathered a wealth of information from the experts and combined them with the information I gained from my studies.”

You may not agree with the premise or conclusions that are revealed, but you will be amazed by the unorthodox thoughts that make up this presentation.