Pick of the Week: Help for Marriage Restoration

Are you unhappy in your marriage?

Do you see divorce as the only option?

Do you want to save your marriage? Do you want a healthier relationship?

If you’re struggling in your marriage, you are not alone. One in two marriages will end in divorce. This was where my marriage was heading a few years after I got married, until I put the principles of this book into practice.

Has the passion been completely drained from your marriage?

Is infidelity an issue, or do you think about cheating?

Is your partner no longer the person you fell in love with?

Marriage: Help for Marriage Restoration audiobook cover art

Do you feel like you just can’t cope anymore?

Whatever you are feeling right now, I can promise you one thing. If you ever truly loved your partner, then what you will learn and put into practice will help save your marriage. There is no marriage that’s beyond saving, and this book will help you save your marriage. Having gone through the very problems I talk about, I have helped countless people just like you have flourishing relationships by arming them with the know-how to change their marriage.

This book is about equipping you with the skills that will transform any relationship into a happy and fulfilling one.

Whether you are facing challenges of infidelity, nagging, constant fighting, arguments, money issues, sexual frustration, alcoholism, or differences in values and world views, this book will help you restore your relationship to what it should be.

You will find this book useful if you are on the brink of imminent divorce, or if you simply are looking for a healthier and happier marriage.

This book with teach you:

  • How to avoid divorce
  • Main causes of unhappiness to men
  • Main causes of unhappiness to women
  • The little things that cause great damage in marriage
  • The most important aspects to a happy marriage
  • How to control your emotions

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