Preaching or Teaching?

In the heart of Maplewood, within the cozy confines of a diner suffused with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, two friends, Ezekiel and Jeremiah, engaged in their weekly discourse on matters of faith. Ezekiel, with his dignified demeanor and spectacles perched upon his nose, and Jeremiah, his rugged exterior belying a jovial spirit, found solace in their shared fellowship.

Their conversation this Saturday morning centered on a bulletin article questioning the validity of preaching the Gospel to believers. “Can you believe the audacity of this writer?” Jeremiah exclaimed, waving the bulletin in disbelief. The article claimed preaching to believers was futile, as preaching was associated solely with evangelism, while teaching nurtured those already inducted into the faith.

Ezekiel chuckled softly. “Indeed, Jeremiah, some have a knack for complicating simplicity. The Gospel, as euaggelizo, declares good tidings, irrespective of whether it’s heard before.”

Jeremiah nodded in agreement. “To imply believers can’t receive the Gospel afresh is absurd. Even the good news of faith and love Timothy conveyed to the Thessalonians was heralded as glad tidings.”

As their discussion deepened, Ezekiel cited Acts 5:28: “When preaching the gospel, they filled Jerusalem with their doctrine.” “See, preaching and teaching are intertwined,” he remarked.

Jeremiah’s eyes gleamed with understanding. “And what of Paul’s admonition in Romans 2:21? ‘Thou that preachest a man should not steal, dost thou steal’—isn’t that preaching?”

Ezekiel nodded. “Indeed, teaching encompasses all aspects of doctrine, whether basic tenets or moral guidance. The distinction is blurred in Scripture.”

Jeremiah chuckled. “And the writer’s claim of pulpit preaching being unknown in the early church? Nehemiah 8:4 depicts Ezra preaching from a pulpit, and Peter’s Pentecost sermon is akin to pulpit preaching.”

Ezekiel’s gaze brightened. “Exactly! Terms may differ, but the essence remains. Our duty is to spread the Gospel, whether through teaching, preaching, or sermonizing.”

Their conversation wove through the tapestry of biblical wisdom, each passage strengthening their conviction. As they bid farewell, Ezekiel and Jeremiah departed with renewed faith and camaraderie, their discourse a testament to the enduring power of fellowship in the journey of faith.

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